Mandy Young Counseling 

Mandy Young, LPC

My Experience

After graduating from the University of Texas in 2001, with a Bachelors in psychology. I originally started out in the tech field doing technical support and quickly realized I was more interested in the people calling than their technical problems.  I decided to go back to school and do something I really wanted to do, help people on a personal level.

​I received my Masters in School Psychology from Texas State University and from 2004 to the present I have done counseling, behavior consultation, psychological evaluation, special education individual education plans, managed behavior programs, and worked closely with parents, teachers, and administrators in the schools. I loved the counseling part of my job in the schools.  I decided to make another leap in my career in order to fine tune my main interest, counseling.  I feel that counseling is my true talent and I am so excited and honored to offer these services on my own!  In addition to being a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology, I now have my Licensed Professional Counselor certification.

I specialize in anxiety and social skills issues of children, adolescents and adults who have difficulty fitting in or having success at school or work. I am certified as a Positive Discipline Educator and give parent trainings and workshops to help create a positive home environment. I also enjoy working with parents of children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety and ADHD or other executive functioning deficits.

My goal is to help clients decrease symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and depression.  Through effective therapy I can help clients find relief, insight, and coping strategies in their lives. Building positive relationships is the most important in all of life’s achievements.  It is my ambition to include parents, school personnel, and the use of empathy and compassion in order to make positive changes that my clients can see and feel.  


Mandy Young, M.A., LPC