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Everyone has rocky times in their life. People often have feelings of loneliness, anxiety, frustration, depression, and may feel like they are "stuck" or unable to navigate life.  It's important to know how to manage these overwhelming feelings and start to feel better. 


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I enjoy building relationships and feel that I can connect with almost anyone.  I have been a Licensed Specialist in School Psychology since 2004.  I now have my Licensed Professional Counselor Intern certification and am working toward a being a fully Licensed Professional Counselor. After working with adolescents and young adults in middle and high school for so long, I feel very comfortable with this age group.  I especially enjoy counseling adolescents and young adults who feel anxious, overwhelmed, or depressed.  There are several people who may need social skills training, feel disorganized or need help to change unhealthy thinking patterns and behaviors, and I want to help.

I also provide group sessions, parent counseling and training, and workshops about behavior and functions of behavior.  

I offer a free 20 minute consultation over the phone.

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